“Music is inherently about sharing,” Meet Symphony NH Bassist Robert Hoffman


You know him from the stage, his talks at the library, or maybe his signature at the end of the program notes; bassist Robert Hoffman is a dedicated Symphony NH member who has been with the orchestra over a decade  and will join the staff in addition to playing with the orchestra for the 2017-18 season.  Robert will start as Continuing Education Coordinator in the summer, specifically working with Adult and Senior education and community programs, from pre concert talks, to performances in retirement communities and more.  

One of Robert's most memorable experiences with Symphony NH was a “dream” concert, in more than once sense of the word.  The concert in mind was performed only a few months ago in March of 2017.  The first piece on the program was Christopher Theofanidis’ Dreamtime Ancestors, a New Hampshire premiere as a part of a nationwide project to perform new music in all 50 states.  Hoffman says, “I am always thrilled to play new pieces:  I think of future musicians and audiences looking back on pieces that have stood the test of time and thinking of the adventurous people who chose to present and listen to those works.  This concert program balanced the newness in the context of cello soloist Sergey Antonov’s  great musicianship in Tchaikovsky's Variations on a Rococo Theme and Brahms’ masterful Third Symphony - a piece that was especially rewarding to perform as one of my favorites.”  Beethoven’s music was once new, too.

Robert began playing the double bass through his junior high school program, picking the bass because it gave him the most options of ensembles to play with.  Even today Hoffman says, “I’m eclectic in my musical tastes”, going on to list interests anywhere from classical and jazz  to Brazilian and Broadway.  This wide-spanning interest and enthusiasm comes across in his free discussions at local libraries and program notes at each concert.  Hoffman has been leading these discussions for a number of seasons, making him a natural fit to expand these programs with his new role as Continuing Education Coordinator.  

Looking ahead to next season and his work, whether speaking or planning programs, Hoffman says, “in contemplating my role in the communication of musical information, I like to emphasize that music is inherently about sharing. The composer shares her or his ideas with the performers, the performing organization shares its ideas with audiences, and the audiences share their appreciation with both. I look forward to enhancing the sharing by helping to build the connection between the audience, the performers, and the composer by illuminating the process by which the music comes alive.”

Robert is already creating programs with Rivier Institute for Senior Education (RISE) at Rivier University and area retirement communities.  To learn more about upcoming Symphony NH concerts and events visit www.symphonynh.org and sign up for our email list on the home page, email snh@symphonynh.org, or call (603) 595-9156.