Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of Symphony NH is a dedicated group of individuals who guide Symphony NH and support live music in New Hampshire by contributing in a variety of ways. Trustees are eligible to serve two consecutive three-year terms, during which time they act as advisers, serve on committees and assist the Symphony in all of its endeavors. If you are interested in being a Trustee, please contact Marc Thayer for more information.




Robert Oot

Vice President

Cam McGurk


Joseph Kenny


Mark Tremallo



Geri Boisvert 

Ann N. Conway 

Mary Jordan

Shoshanna Kelly

John Rein

Galina Szakacs

Amir Toosi 

Wilberto Torres

Paul Urbanek

Drew Wilson 

Barbara Young


Ex-Officio Members

Marc Thayer – Symphony NH Executive Director

Roger Kalia - Symphony NH Music Director

Rosemary Johnson – President, Friends of Symphony NH

Volker Nahrmann – Symphony NH Players’ Committee Representative

Richard Watson – Symphony NH Players’ Committee Representative