Symphony NH Education Programs

Symphony NH is committed to providing music education programs that introduce students to instruments and live performances as well as helping to enrich existing music programs across the state of New Hampshire.


 Symphony in your School:

Symphony NH's full orchestra presents annual concerts with music from the Classics through Star Wars.  Third grade students hear demonstrations from every instrument on stage and sing and conduct along with the orchestra.

Adopt-a-school program:

The Adopt-a-School Program is a multi-week residency, engaging students of all ages in classes and coachings with Symphony NH musicians.  Symphony NH collaborates with teachers to plan and implement interactive and engaging lessons with an emphasis on creating and exploring music through the framework of current curricula.


Elementary school students learn how wind instruments create sound and music.


Thank you letters from students after attending the full orchestra performance.  
For 80% of students, this was their first live orchestra concert.


Symphony NH principal trumpet, Richard Watson, leading a class on practice techniques for middle school students.

Reviews from Teachers and Students:

“Thank you for bringing “live” music to my students, there is nothing better”
– Concord School District Music Teacher
“[The concert] exposes the students to music that they might not otherwise hear, while also giving them a chance to listen for certain things within the music that they might otherwise not have noticed.”
– Nashua School District Music Teacher
“It was a pleasure to see your performance.  The instruments were delightful, the best one was the violin”
– Izabelah, 3rd Grade Student
“Thank you for your performance because I’ve never got the chance to experience a live performance.  It was cool when you did “The Rite of Spring”
– Aaliyah, 3rd Grade Student
“Thank you for the show.  It was the best show I’ve ever been to.  I was very interested in the songs.  You made me want to play an instrument.”
- Patrick, 3rd Grade Student

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